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Q: Do you guys really donate to non-profits?

A: Yes! Since the summer of 2009, a big chunk of our proceeds go to the bicycle coalition of greater philadelphia, who "promotes bicycling as a healthy, low-cost, and environmentally-friendly form of transportation and recreation.

We used to donate to two other organizations (our 1st round went out to neighborhood bike works and the campaign to complete the schuylkill river trail, but we thought it prudent to focus our resources on an organization that promotes cycling in general, with the thinking that the other two benefit indirectly from the bcgp anyways.


Q: OK, how much have you donated so far?

A: $375. It may not sound like much, but every little bit counts, right? And that was only our first round of donations. It's a tricky balance between investing in new products to grow our fans and donating.



Q: Why are you called "bminus?"

A: We always thought of ourseleves as more b minus students than regular b people. Nothing against the regular b folks, it just sounds a little more rebellious, don't you think?



Q: How fast will I get my order?

A: Long answer: Each bike shirt is individually screen-printed, wrapped up with a bow and sent to the buyer by USPS First ClassMail (international orders = First Class).

Short answer: about a week from when you place your order. If you're in a rush, please let us know. Deadlines = motivation.



Q: What kind of bicycle do you ride?

A: I have a blue 1991 road bike, complete with a hot pink drop shadow around the "Trek" logo. It was my mum's bike, and it's a single speed.



Q: Do you guys accept returns?

A: We sure do! We'll give you your money back or arrange an exchange. We're really very accommodating about this sort of thing. Just email us or call me (609.330.7413).




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